Door’s tales

Interior doors for saleWhen I see any interior doors for sale, I always remember that summer I was working is Scotland. All doors I see can tell me a tale about Tayside door factory which stands in a place where I was living near. I was working in a strawberries farm but the Tayside factory was the place I remember better than my berries factory.

Why doors

I have always loved watching to any doors. It seemed to me like a magic: every time different person steps through the doors. And the window was less magical but still attractive. It is actually a typical human behavior – to pay attention to the doors firstly and just later to take a good look to the walls or roof. The doors are the movements and the movements are evolutionary important for human kind. Noticing the movements, hearing any step has always helped to survive. So the doors are as a sign for as too. That’s why when I was seeing interior doors for sale in the Tayside factory shop I was always calm and concentrated – it was interesting for me.

Music is also the doors

And the last but not least thing is about music. It has nothing to do with Tayside door factory but it is related to living in Scotland. During that strange period I was listening a lot of punk rock, classical rock and some stuff from 70-ies. And the band ‘The Doors’ that summer was on the spot for me. I heard all songs for ten times per day while I was working with my headphones. The work was not easy and the music was my proper, my inspiration. ‘The Doors’ helped me to survive and to stay calm and patient. I was thinking about that factory just across the street – was that a sign? May be, I can’t tell. But I am just saying that every time now when I see any shop of doors, I remember that summer. Something magical and unusual wakes up inside me and I want to be there again, there in that summer ten years ago. My doors in my flat is also created in that factory and it was not a accident.

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